Here’s Why Some Think VeChain and Chiliz Holders Should Switch To Dogeliens

Cryptocurrencies have gathered a niche following that is spread across the world. Enabling users to break free of assets controlled by financial institutions like banks or brokerage firms, these blockchain-based assets enable the investor to have more control over the investment mechanism without having to pay charges like a brokerage.

A report estimated that in January 2022 that around 46 million people (about 14% of the population) in the US owned cryptocurrencies or other blockchain-based assets. For rookie investors who are having difficulty selecting cryptocurrencies for their portfolios, a simple strategy is to start with research.

They can select some of the leading names like Dogeliens (DOGET), VeChain (VET), and Chiliz (CHZ), weigh their pros and cons, and, then choose the ones that best suit their requirements.

Dogeliens: Learn more about blockchain while minting new gains

Dogeliens is a meme coin that draws inspiration from intergalactic activities and the army of dog aliens that live on the Puptopia planet. It is built on the Binance Smart Chain and has open-source code that can be tweaked by the user as per their requirements.

The meme coin has launched a native token called DOGET which is used for various transactional uses on the network like staking, liquidity management, accessing rewards and many more.

The Dogeliens team has decided to fix the total supply of the token at 25,000,000,000 units and the tokens will be available on presale for anyone interested in purchasing them. The tokens have been allocated under different categories i.e. liquidity pool provisioning, developing content for the  University of Barkington, and presale.

The platform also has a rewards system wherein a user gets a bonus every time they buy DOGET Tokens. These bonuses are in terms of DOGET Tokens and will depend on the stage of the presale if the buyer has referred anyone to Dogeliens in the past, the amount of fiat currency they are ready to spend, the number of times they have purchased the DOGET Token and how soon after signing up did they purchase the tokens.

A key USP of the platform is the way it is committed to educating its users about blockchain and cryptocurrencies so that they can make more informed decisions while investing. For this purpose, it has launched two educational initiatives — the Dogeliens Academy and the University of Barkington.

At the University of Barkington, users would be able to access interactive and informative content about cryptocurrencies and distributed ledger technology. The Dogeliens Academy is a free online classroom where users will be able to learn several other subjects apart from cryptocurrencies.

How VeChain is helping [email protected] Capital release funds tied up in inventory

VeChain is a public platform that designs decentralized tools for mass adoption on the VeChainThor blockchain network. For designing these tools, VeChainThor uses technologies like meta transaction features, in-built smart contracts, protocols to delegate transaction fees, and the proof-of-authority consensus algorithm.

Its native token is VET which is the primary cryptocurrency for dApps and tools built on the VeChainThor network. The network adopts a community-driven approach towards governance where all stakeholders get voting rights to present their views on key proposals on operation issues like any changes proposed in the consensus algorithm.

An example of how VeChain has been driving impact is its partnership with [email protected] Capital. VeChain’s in-built smart contracts and blockchain technology enable [email protected] Capital to release funds that are tied up in inventory.

Chiliz to combine its tokens

Chiliz is a decentralized provider of fintech services for media and entertainment firms. It has developed which is a fan engagement platform powered by the Chiliz blockchain network. At, users will have to use the CHZ token for all transactional uses. Chiliz helps these firms not just engage a larger audience but also monetize engagement. Recently, the platform announced that its CHZ would soon be a native token.

Earlier, the CHZ token was minted on Ethereum, and, the fan tokens on Chiliz Chain which is another EVM-compatible network. As the platform transitions to an upgraded version of Chiliz Chain, the two tokens will be merged. However, the new token as well as the new version of Chiliz Chain will be compatible with the Ethereum network, while facilitating higher speed and lower transaction costs.

While the three cryptocurrencies have their unique strengths, for many cryptocurrency analysts Dogeliens is the dark horse that could potentially smash all records in the near future. The analysts claim that the meme coin’s growth potential gives it a clear advantage and makes it a good choice for investors looking for long-term crypto options.

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