Oryen Network Sees Multiple Price Increases and Converts VeChain and Avalanche Investors into Holding ORY.

Oryen Network Sees Multiple Price Increases and Converts VeChain and Avalanche Investors into Holding ORY.

by November 23, 2022

Admittedly, the crypto market can be volatile, with ever-fluctuating numbers reminding us of that fact every minute of the day. At times like these, it can feel like everything is just one crash away from total ruin. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t good prospects for investors willing to take the risk and hold onto their coins. With its stability and steady growth, Oryen Network (ORY) may be one of the strongest contenders. Business2Community ranks Oryen among the top DeFi coins for investors to purchase right now. Moreover, there is a lot of talk about industry specialists about the growth potential exhibited by the Oryen network. For example, crypto investor Jim Crypto sheds more light on the potential of Oryen in his recent video review.


Why is Oryen Soaring?

The multiple price increase by the Oryen network is a result of work put in by the development team. A wide set of intriguing features by Oryen makes it one of the most promising DeFi projects.

Oryen’s Autostake Technic system makes it one of the most efficient staking platforms in the market today. It is an innovative function that uses a buy-hold-earn system that simplifies the staking process for Oryen holders. Also, ORY holders can earn rebase rewards immediately after purchasing the ORY tokens. Moreover, a positive rebase formula used by Oryen makes it possible to have a daily token distribution system. The tokens purchased increase after every 60 minutes. The rebase rewards appear directly in your wallet at a fixed daily rate of 0.177%. In addition, the positive rebase formula increases the token supply rate. Thus, it allows Oryen holders to keep growing their tokens. Another important feature that works seamlessly with the OAT protocol is the treasury. This provides three integral functions that help grow and sustain the Oryen network.



VeChain is a blockchain platform to improve business transactions and supply chain management. The platform’s value comes from activities by its members within the ecosystem that solve real-world economic situations. There are a variety of meta-transaction features present within the platform. It utilizes a two-token system that helps separate the cost of using blockchain from any market speculation. However, VeChain needs to compare its steady growth to Oryen. Most VeChain investors feel left out, especially with the announcement of Oryen’s fifth presale phase, with prices surging to 150%.



Avalanche is an open-source, programmable smart contract platform that hosts a wide range of DeFi projects. Moreover, it is fully compatible with other Ethereum apps, assets, and tools with high speeds, output, and lower fees. However, Avalanche’s continual growth remains under pressure after controversies erupted behind its leadership. Given the length of the controversies, there was a sharp decline in value, with investors looking to recover. Other investors are counting losses and looking into alternatives, such as the Oryen presale.


Final Thoughts

It all comes down to the fact that Oryen Network aims to be a game changer. Not only will they make money-making easier, but they will also make it more profitable by giving the option for passive income, which can last you for a lifetime. You can now finally stop worrying about the prices of your coins and use them for a long-term investment plan with guaranteed profits.


Learn more here:

Join Presale: https://presale.oryennetwork.io/register

Website: https://oryennetwork.io/

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