5 Top Cryptocurrencies to Invest in for 2023

After a bearish year for cryptocurrencies in 2022, many have been left wondering; which are the best cryptocurrencies to buy in 2023?

It is a very good question. Prices have been rising and falling at unprecedented rates, with volatility constantly affecting the crypto industry. Even after a severe crypto market pullback in 2022, some cryptocurrencies managed to hold their ground or bounce back. So, which cryptocurrencies are the best to look into for 2023? Polygon, Cardano, Bitcoin, Solana and Big Eyes Coin are five of the top cryptocurrencies currently impressing seasoned investors.

Polygon – Excellent Technology

Polygon (MATIC) is highly regarded for providing best-in-class technology that helps it to stand out as a top cryptocurrency to invest in.

Polygon was recently added to Disney’s highly prestigious Accelerator program for 2022. This was big for Polygon as Disney only added 6 projects overall. This suggests that Disney is looking for ways to involve Polygon in upcoming entertainment projects. This impressive move already has people talking about Polygon and its potential within the gaming and entertainment industry. Watch this space.

Cardano – A Smart Crypto Choice

Cardano (ADA) has reaped the benefits of numerous development updates over the course of a disruptive 2022. Its smart contract metrics hit new records.

Cardano is often pegged as a great investment. It benefited from a surge of popularity in 2021, with many fans dubbing it the ‘Ethereum-killer’.

The platform’s most notable improvements include its multiple computation processing layers, proof of stake consensus and its ability to upgrade its network with ease. Cardano’s multiple layers result in transaction fees for payments being considerably lower.

Cardano recently adopted the use of smart contracts, making it even more competitive with crypto giant Ethereum.

Solana – Smart Contract Cryptocurrency

Solana (SOL) became one of the biggest cryptocurrencies in 2021.

The main reason for attraction to the Solana ecosystem is how it is one of the top in terms of number of users and market cap.

Solana is a smart contract cryptocurrency that many believe could easily rival giant Ethereum (ETH). It is incredibly fast and transaction costs are cheap in comparison to many.

Buying and investing in Solana is a popular choice in 2023, with its constant innovative updates and new infrastructure.

Bitcoin – The Start of the Crypto Revolution

Bitcoin (BTC) is the most well-known decentralised digital currency, now ranking as the largest cryptocurrency in the world by market capitalisation and brand recognition. Launched in 2009, the coin started the digital finance revolution.

Bitcoin operates without central control from governments or banks. Instead, each transaction is noted by a public ledger.

Every Bitcoin transaction is shared between devices or nodes on a blockchain after being publicly broadcast to the network.

Bitcoins’ success continues to be impressive and sets a benchmark for all cryptocurrencies.

Big Eyes Coin – Set to Make a Big Difference

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is exciting the crypto market just when it needs it most.
Big Eyes Coin is a highly attractive brand, appealing to so many with its cute, cat mascot. It also has several impressive features and attributes. Many expect this coin to become a very profitable asset.

Its charity wallet appeals to anyone with a conscience, with 5% of all tokens being held to donate to a number of charitable organisations, meaning every investment makes a difference. Big Eyes Coin has already donated to many important charities, such as Luna Children and Orca Network.

Despite being new to the crypto scene, Big Eyes Coin is already considered a popular meme coin, raising a huge $18 million in its presale. The meme coin is community-focused and this attribute is just one of the reasons the meme coin is already appealing to the masses.

The coin has many distinct features helping it to stand out from its mostly dog-themed meme coin counterparts. Big Eyes Coin currently has a 200% launch bonus offer, when you use the code LAUNCHBIGEYES200.


WARNING: The investment in crypto assets is not regulated, it may not be suitable for retail investors and the total amount invested could be lost

AVISO IMPORTANTE: La inversión en criptoactivos no está regulada, puede no ser adecuada para inversores minoristas y perderse la totalidad del importe invertido