Bitrise Is Better than Safemoon V2

New York, New York–(Newsfile Corp. – November 15, 2021) – Safemoon, a DeFi protocol built on Binance Smart Chain, is preparing to make a comeback with an upgrade, Safemoon V2. The Safemoon V2 has been one of the most popular products on the website and will be the second Safemoon product after the release of the Safemoon Wallet. Safemoon token price has been dropping, although the token has made it among the top 100 crypto coins by the market capitalisation.


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The Safemoon V2 has been the talk in the recent past and has brought some attention to the Safemoon project. But as DeFi, Safemoon will still have to compete with aggressive competitors. Bitrise, a highly potent coin and one of the fastest-growing cryptos, is one of the biggest Safemoon competitors. Launched on 28th July 2021, the coin has been compared with Safemoon in many cases. In fact, users are calling Bitrise coin the next Safemoon.

Like Safemoon, Bitrise is a DeFi protocol built on Binance Smart Chain. The Bitrise team is building a decentralized financial system just like Safemoon but a powerful system. The design of the Bitrise protocol is what differs from Safemoon. Even with the release of the Safemoon V2, the Safemoon project will still be facing tough competition from Bitrise on various aspects.

There are a number of ways that the crypto community is saying that Bitrise is better than Safemoon V2. The value between Safemoon and Bitrise has been at the heart of this discussion. Safemoon has been compared to Bitrise on matters of tokenomics.

Bitrise coin has been rated the best in rewarding users due to its innovative tokenomics. Unlike Safemoon, Bitrise’s has a contract that automated the regulation of the tokens in the liquidity pool. Safemoon has a buyback contract too, but token burning is manual. Unlike Safemoon, Bitrise buyback contact also burns automatically. This is one of the features making the crypto community vote Bitrise over Safemoon. The Safemoon V2 is not addressing this shortcoming.

Safemoon V2 is not changing how users will be getting the reflections from holding tokens. This is an area where the crypto community says Bitrise is doing better than Safemoon. Unlike Safemoon, Bitrise members are rewarded with BNB for holding tokens. The difference it has over Safemoon is the automation of distribution to the token holders’ wallets.

Safemoon V2 is the second product that the Safemoon team is releasing after months of the Safemoon wallet release. Bitrise has been delivering fast within less than four months. Unlike Safemoon, Bitrise has three products already, including Bitrise Audits and Techrate Audit, both launched in late August. Like Safemoon, Bitrise dApp wallet is also out and was launched on 28th October.

Apart from Safemoon wallet and the recent Safemoon V2, Safemoon has been slow considering it was launched 5 months before Bitrise coin. Therefore, the crypto community says Bitrise is delivering faster than Safemoon, which is making it better.

Safemoon team says Safemoon V2 will improve the security of Safemoon and accessibility of Safemoon tokens. The team at Bitrise is building a Blockchain-based DeFi protocol with incredible scaling and throughput features. Like Safemoon, the Bitrise platform is currently processing thousands of transactions.

Safemoon V2 is the next big thing on the Safemoon platform, but Bitrise coin is way ahead. The Bitrise team recently announced the launch of the staking process and is about to launch the staking program, which was under beta testing phase at the time of writing. Safemoon has not launched or announced the staking on the Safemoon network.

Safemoon V2 is a big milestone in the development of the Safemoon platform, but it will have to compete with the Bitrise team, which is several steps ahead of Safemoon in building its DeFi product. Soon, Bitrise coin is launching a staking program and, later on, a cryptocurrency exchange. It is this delivery rate that is making crypto community rate Bitrise better than Safemoon V2.

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