Crypto News: Cardano drops To $0.3318, Solana plummets to $20 and Big Eyes Coin skyrockets to 16.5 Million Dollars in Presale

There is truly never a dull moment in the cryptocurrency industry as Cardano (ADA) declines to $0.3318, Solana (SOL) lowers to around $20 and Big Eyes Coin (BIG) continues its presale surge by surpassing 16.5 million dollars.

Just when you think the crypto economy is making a comeback, some major coins decide to plummet in spectacular fashion.

After all, it wasn’t too long ago when Cardano was priced at $2.9593 back in September 2021 and Solana was at an impressive $258.78 back in November 2021.

Thankfully, Big Eyes Coin is acting as a beacon of hope in these tough times for the crypto universe.

Apart from raising an astronomical amount in presale, Big Eyes Coin has secured a tier 1 CEX launch for its official release, appeared on a 3D billboard in New York City, and is now offering a lucrative bonus for investors.

By using the code LAUNCHBIGEYES200, crypto enthusiasts can get a 200% bonus at checkout. And thanks to the calculator on the Big Eyes Coin website, they can estimate how much money they could make down the line from their investment.

Cardano: Profitable NFTs and Eco-Friendly processes

Cardano is renowned in the crypto universe for its remunerative NFTs and eco-friendly initiatives.

The NFT collection Clay Mates is built on the Cardano blockchain and one of its digital items has previously been sold for as much as $200,000.

Furthermore, unlike the majority of cryptocurrencies, Cardano has always used a proof-of-stake mechanism, making it a less damaging coin to the environment than the likes of Bitcoin (BTC) and Dogecoin (DOGE), and even Ethereum (ETH) before the merge.

Solana: A genuine rival coin to Ethereum

Similar to Ethereum, Solana is renowned for its role in the development of decentralized applications without a third party. However, Solana is arguably a better option because of its faster transaction speeds and cheaper transactions.

Therefore, Solana may be more scalable than Ethereum and developers can create a variety of programs in less time. Plus, Solana’s market cap of over 7 billion is a testament to its reliability in the crypto market.

Big Eyes Coin: A Next-Generation Meme Coin

Big Eyes Coin is striving to revamp the perception of meme coins by proposing top ten NFTs, ocean-saving charity donations, and an interactive community of cat lovers.

You only need to check out the Big Eyes Website to get a taste for the cute, adorable, and ultimately, profitable NFTs on the way. It’s plausible the Big Eyes Coin gods will release a collection of digital cats in a range of eye-catching designs.

With regards to charity, 5% of Big Eyes Coin’s total supply will go towards philanthropic organizations like Orca Network, Luna Children, Pets for Vets, The Seashepherd, and Help Animals India.

Hence, environmentally conscious individuals can have a positive impact on the planet by simply investing in Big Eyes Coin. And by getting the opportunity to meet a range of other selfless people at community events, the investment becomes even more fulfilling.

Final Thoughts

Cardano and Solana declining in recent times is nothing out of the ordinary for such a volatile crypto industry. Nevertheless, Big Eyes Coin has the potential to become very successful once released because of its unique, profitable, and eco-friendly features.

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