Discover How HedgeUp (HDUP) and Binance Coin (BNB) Transform the Investment World

As we search for the next revolutionary crypto projects, we should look out for two major qualities. These are the level of access the coin gives you regarding investment opportunities and the extent to which the project subsidizes your participation or offsets expenses. 

Fortunately, two projects have emerged as worthy candidates relative to the qualities above. These are HedgeUp (HDUP) and Binance Coin (BNB), so let’s talk about how they are transforming the investment world:

HedgeUp is like no other in the game regarding access to alternative investments. This project offers an NFT alternative investment marketplace where you can buy an entire asset or a fraction of it. The available assets range from gold to diamonds, luxury watches, private jets, yachts, fine art, wine, and more. 

What’s transformative about HedgeUp’s approach is that it massively lowers the amount needed to enter these alternative markets since investors can stake as low as $1 in $HDUP tokens to get a portion of an asset. So, even those without vast stacks of money can get in on the action. 

HedgeUp’s value proposition shook things by enabling $HDUP token holders to earn rewards from trading activities involving this token if they stake a part. People hold many currencies daily but don’t benefit much from others exchanging them. 

However, in the case of HedgeUp, whenever an $HDUP token changes hands, another holder could earn from levies like the selling tax since a percentage of it goes to those providing liquidity in various pools that need $HDUP tokens for a specific trading pair. 

When you trade your NFT investments via the HedgeUp marketplace, minimal fees are taken. Honestly, access and subsidization don’t get any better than this. 

Binance Coin ($BNB) is the native utility token of the Binance Smart Chain, but its purpose transcends its use for gas fees on the Binance Smart Chain. The $BNB token champions subsidization in many ways, including cutting 25% off spot and margin trading fees and 10% off futures trading fees for $BNB users. These savings are even higher if you qualify for the VIP program.

Furthermore, $BNB addresses the issue of access by allowing you to participate in various token sales via the Binance launchpad and earn when their value increases. The “get in on the ground” spirit is undoubtedly integral to transforming the investment world. 

Binance Coin stretches $BNB’s utility even further, enabling holders to apply for crypto loans, spend their $BNB using a Binance Visa Card (accepted by over 60 million merchants worldwide, earn rewards from staking to secure the BNB chain, lend out crypto, send and receive crypto payments through Binance Pay and more. 

For a crypto project to be considered transformative in the investment world, it should shorten the path to various actions in this space, such as making payments, acquiring shares in an asset/commodity, getting or giving a loan, etc.

As shown above, HedgeUp and Binance Coin excel in many of these areas and are definitely poised to change the investment world

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