IOTA announces beta testing for login solution

  • IOTA announced beta testing for “Login With IOTA.”
  • Previously launched the “request for proposals” movement to secure partners for the project. 
  • IOTA could become a promising distributed ledger for 2023.

IOTA is gaining traction in the crypto industry. A recent tweet from Holger Kother, co-founder of SPYCE.5, a revolutionary platform that manages infrastructure and B2B services for Shimmernet and IOTA, revealed that beta testing for their latest Shimmer infrastructural setup is completed. 

Given the demoralizing situations in the crypto industry in 2022, this can be considered aggressively bullish from IOTA. The near completion of testing at such high speed comes as a pleasant surprise for the IOTA community, and it also highlights the possibility of new things in the coming months for the platform. 

The team was able to facilitate testing using the SPYCE technology. SPYCE could also come in handy for developers and builders within the IOTA community. Holger explains that dApps could be developed using SPYCE. He further describes the usability that, we are aiming to provide the builders and developers with the best experience to start quickly, And they can now focus on the best thing they do, developing mindblowing dApps and implementing professional use-cases on a scalable network. IOTA could launch a privacy-preserving login system

On July 27, 2022, IOTA revealed that they are working on a very promising system, “Login with IOTA.” It shall be a privacy-preserving login system centered around accessibility for Web2 & Web3 applications for onboard users onto different platforms.

Excerpts from the official IOTA Blogspot post explain the technology in detail. 

“The IOTA Foundation is developing a privacy-preserving login system based on Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) called Login With IOTA, which allows traditional and decentralized apps to easily onboard users. In this system, users remain in full control of their data and will be able to securely share information at their discretion.”

The Login With IOTA project has been gaining popularity since March 2022. At the same time, IOTA launched the “request for proposals” movement to secure new partners to speed up the project’s development. 

This submission resulted in IOTA selecting a proposal from They provide NFTs, identity and wallet infrastructure for the existing operations and developers, which supports cloud services management. 

In a video posted on’s YouTube presented a demo for Web2 and Web3 flow. The demo also showed a variety of ecosystems after login and the remaining onboard processes providing users with the option to choose any preferred ecosystem. 

The proposed login system can easily be integrated with any application that follows well-defined standards to reach maximum interoperability. 

The goal of the future could be achieved in the near future. The success of this new system can help IOTA’s overall growth and adoption as a major distributed ledger in the cryptocurrency and fintech industries. 

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