IOTA (MIOTA), Avalanche (AVAX), and BudBlockz (BLUNT) are the Coins to Consider for High Growth Potential

The cryptocurrency market drew millions of new investors and traders in 2022. Many new tokens have been launched to compete with well-established crypto assets and benefit early investors. But you need to think out of the box and pick tokens with high growth potential; you can also diversify the portfolio and reduce the risk of huge losses. IOTA ($MIOTA), Avalanche ($AVAX), and BudBlockz ($BLUNT) promise better returns than top crypto assets. Learn more about these tokens below to diversify your portfolio and register potentially huge gains in 2023.


BudBlockz: Providing Secure Access to the Global Cannabis Market

Cannabis is widely consumed across the globe. People rely on unreliable sources to acquire this product because it is still illegal in many regions. Since many countries have decriminalized this product, the demand for trusted cannabis suppliers is increasing. The global cannabis market may hit the $176.5 billion mark in 2030. Experts have predicted a compound annual growth rate of 23.9% for marijuana products.

A few large corporations control the supply of cannabis products in countries such as the USA. BudBlockz is the new decentralized platform that aims to break the monopoly of such corporations. It will operate as an online e-commerce platform for trading cannabis. It may draw millions of cannabis enthusiasts and grow rapidly to become a major cryptocurrency project.

Built to Benefit Cannabis Enthusiasts and Budding Investors

Cannabis enthusiasts consistently search for high-quality products. They usually rely on local dealers who may sell poor-quality products. Such products can be pretty harmful and expensive.

BudBlockz is offering a better way of accessing top-quality cannabis products. Verified and eligible users can access this platform to source top products from global markets. BudBlockz will provide logistics support, data security, and other required solutions to access the best marijuana products.

The demand for cannabis will likely skyrocket as more states decriminalize cannabis consumption. BudBlockz is offering cryptocurrency investors an opportunity to make a profit with growing demands. It has launched the $BLUNT cryptocurrency to provide liquidity within the ecosystem. More users will need this token to access the best products and the NFT marketplace. Thus, $BLUNT’s market price will increase, and early investors can make a huge profit.

Why is the $BLUNT Token a Reliable Alternative to Other Altcoins?

BudBlockz will become famous as the first decentralized marketplace to purchase cannabis and invest in cannabis businesses. This platform has revealed plans to establish farms and dispensaries to produce the best products and sell them across the globe.

The $BLUNT token provides entry into the BudBlockz NFT marketplace. Users who wish to invest in BudBlockz projects must buy and hold its NFTs. Thus, the $BLUNT token may quickly become a popular crypto asset and benefit many investors.


IOTA: Reengineered Decentralized Technology to Facilitate a Safer Exchange of Data and Value

Iota provides an open, scalable, and feeless distributed ledger to exchange value and data. There are no blocks to mine, and therefore there are no miners. Users need to validate two other transactions to confirm a transaction. It saves the cost of validating transactions and prevents scalability limitations of the network. IOTA is a great alternative to networks that charge high gas fees for each transaction. The $MIOTA token facilitates value exchange on the IOTA network. Considering how its value is increasing gradually, more users may join this platform to take advantage of its feeless network. As per reports, IOTA has been ranked among the most reliable protocols because of its low transaction fees and scalability potential. IOTA also has plans to facilitate peer-to-peer energy trading in the future.

Avalanche: A Fast, Affordable, and Eco-friendly Platform to Build and Launch dApps

Avalanche is one of the fastest-growing alternatives to the Ethereum network. It can process up to 6,500 transactions per second, much faster than Ethereum. Promoted as an open and programmable platform, Avalanche allows users to build and launch dApps on Ethereum. Users can also build customized blockchains for their businesses using tools and support offered by Avalanche. The $AVAX token serves as the native cryptocurrency of the Avalanche network. Users need this token to pay transaction fees, claim the staking reward, and for governance purposes. As per reports, game developers on the Avalanche network can access content provided by Ready Player DAO to improve their games. It will help them attract more users through renowned gaming influencers operating across the globe.

BudBlockz is a new cryptocurrency, and its $BLUNT token will be available on major cryptocurrency exchanges soon. Crypto analysts believe that the $BLUNT token may easily become the most valued asset in 2023 as it has many interesting and unique utilities. It could become cannabis enthusiasts’ favorite cryptocurrency in the long term judging from how it facilitates the quick and easy purchases of marijuana products.

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