SafeMoon, Enjin, & These Gaming Cryptos Are Pumping!

A lot of gaming cryptos are on the move in the past week, yet another clear sign of the crypto market healing. As it turns out, 2023 could really be the recovery year for crypto after a disastrous 2022. We are witnessing that Safemoon and Enjin are pumping, while other gaming cryptos like MEMAG, RIA, and TARO are following suit.

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SafeMoon, Enjin, And These Gaming Cryptos Are Pumping! – Overview

  • Why Are SafeMoon, Enjin, And These Gaming Cryptos Pumping?
  • What’s The Deal with SafeMoon (SAFEMOON) Pumping?
  • In Enjin (ENJ) Pumping Reliable?
  • Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG) – New Crypto Gaming Platform With Amazing Possibilities
  • Calvaria (RIA) – Exciting Battle Card Crypto Game
  • RobotEra (TARO) Engaging Metaverse Crypto Game

Why Are SafeMoon, Enjin, And These Gaming Cryptos Pumping?

The easy answer to this question is that gaming cryptos like MEMAG, RIA, and TARO, are simply following the general market upward trend. While the overall bullish behavior is certainly contributing, it is not the main reason behind these movements. Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as many other major crypto players, are still in the slump, so there must be other factors at play.

The gaming industry is one of the rare sectors that has been almost immune to the effects of the global recession spurred by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Gaming cryptos, as one of the most promising parts of north gaming and crypto sectors, have been well positioned to exploit this fact. New projects, namely MEMAG, RIA, and TARO, represent a new generation of crypto gaming tokens, featuring full utility and powering some amazing gaming platforms. This is the main reason why investors are flocking to them, even though they are still in the presale stages.

What’s The Deal with SafeMoon Pumping?

SafeMoon is one of the most popular coins on Reddit, with almost 300k subscribers on r/SafeMoon, and represent one of the most influential crypto community on the popular site. However, many of them are angry and were a part of several class action lawsuits filed against the SafeMoon developers and promoters like Nick Carter, rapper Soulja Boy, and YouTube influencer Ben Phillips. Lawsuits claimed that investors were victims of a pump-and-dump scheme that left them holding the bag, while the dependents made fortunes. Allegedly, Phillips alone made $12 million in the process.

This casts a huge shadow over SafeMoon’s future, despite the recent gains and the success of SafeMoon V2 coin, and is the reason why we can’t recommend investing in it at this point, especially as there are far better gaming cryptos alternatives available.

Is Enjin Pumping Reliable?

After a long downward trend that plagued the entire market in 2022, Enjin seems to have bottomed out at $0.24 and is entering a bullish phase. The developers have introduced several new features that have prompted this upward movement and have an overall positive effect on the ENJ price.

The most notable of these features is the introduction of a new NFT marketplace, imaginatively called Among standard attributes found in all other marketplaces, also features a possibility of future compatibility with Efinity, as well as a user-friendly and intuitive interface.

Enjin also introduced a new wallet, Enjin Wallet 2.0, available for both Android and iOS devices. The wallet features enhanced Polygon and Binance Smart Chain NFT support. Together with improvements in Enjin Tooling, these changes will go a long way toward attracting game creators and increasing the number of titles developed on the Enjin platform. However, newcomers on the market like Meta Masters Guild are threatening Enjin’s position and may end up grabbing a huge chunk of its users.

Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG) – New Crypto Gaming Platform With Amazing Possibilities

Meta Masters Guild is one of the most innovative crypto-gaming platforms on the market. It is a unique ecosystem designed for mobile gaming and will feature titles from various developers, including AAA studios.

The entire ecosystem will use MEMAG as its native currency for all in-game transactions. This puts MEMAG in a perfect position to become one of the most popular gaming cryptos in existence, giving it a huge edge over the competition.

The huge potential of MEMAG hasn’t been lost on the investors and they are scrambling to get as many as possible while the token is in the presale stage and fairly cheap. Taking into account investors’ worry about rug pulls and pump and dump issues, MEMAG developers have taken extra steps and got the project fully verified by both SolidProof and CoinSniper. This will go a long way toward ensuring all parties that Mega Masters Guild is above any nefarious business practices.

When the project was launched in late 2022, the team behind Meta Masters Guild unveiled an exciting road map that promises a lot of amazing features. So far, they have kept to it, but the best is yet to come. The first titles that will be presented on the platform are Meta Cart Racers, Raid NFT, and Meta Masters World. Meta Cart Racers will be released in Q3 2023, while the others will be introduced successively as they exit the development.


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Calvaria (RIA) – Exciting Battle Card Crypto Game

Calvaria: Duels of Eternity is a new crypto game announced last year. Based on battle card mechanics and the Play2Earn (P2E) feature, Calvaria will have a shallow learning curve, offering an excellent chance for even casual gamers to compete with more seasoned payers on equal footing. This will allow them to earn gaming crypto RIA, Calvaria’s native token.

Apart from accessibility and exciting features, Calvaria is dedicated to speeding up the mass adoption of crypto. This is the reason why RIA is so easy to earn in the game, giving a chance to players to use it. This feature will attract even people who otherwise wouldn’t have any crypto experience and allow them to experience all advantages cryptocurrencies are offering.


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RobotEra (TARO) Engaging Metaverse Crypto Game

Planet Taro is devasted during the massive civil war that raged on it. Now it is inhabited only by a race of sentient robots, whose only task is to rebuild it. This is the premise of RobotEra, one of the most promising new metaverse gaming titles.

Named after the planet itself, TARO is the game’s native currency. It is used for all transactions, including P2E rewards and NFT trading. All characters and their gear are minted as NFTs, so players can easily buy and sell them on the in-game marketplace. Together with other P2E options, this can turn your gaming experience in RobotEra into a highly lucrative proposal.

TARO is currently in the presale phase and selling out quickly. Once presale ends, the CEX and DEX listings will start, prompting a massive TARO pump that will earn some massive ROI for early investors. If you hurry, you can catch TARO while it is still cheap and make a tidy profit.


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Gaming cryptos are pumping and are an excellent investment opportunity at the moment. However, even though SafeMoon and Enjin are pumping, both coins have issues that prevent us from recommending them. With MEMAG, RIA, and TARO making some major noise, these tokens are much better options.