Should you buy LINK or MEMAG in 2023

Nobody knows whether or when the volatility of the crypto market will end. Moreover, the leading cryptocurrencies are facing high volatility across the board, driven down by concerns about the recent FTX-Binance deal. However, some strong cryptos, such as Chainlink, are returning to green, giving the crypto community hope.

Every investor is seeking a solution to recover from the crypto winter and get themselves back in the game. Every day, new cryptocurrencies are created, but only a handful of them show great potential. In reality, despite the ongoing bear market, several cryptos like Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG), Fight Out (FGHT), Dash 2 Trade (D2T), C+Charge (CCHG), RobotEra, and, are still thriving and making news with their successful presales and listings.

The question is whether now is the time to buy LINK or other emerging cryptos that are smashing their presales. Let’s look at the price prediction of the decentralized oracle network to get a better idea if it is a profitable investment at this moment or not.

Chainlink Price Prediction – Is LINK a profitable investment?  

Chainlink is basically a decentralized oracle network that gives real-world data to blockchain smart contracts. Chainlink enables blockchains to safely connect with external data feeds, events, and payment mechanisms via a decentralized oracle network, delivering the essential off-chain information required by smart contracts. 

Chainlink (LINK/USD) has started to take off again at the time of writing. Even though the token is returning, it is difficult to make a bullish call at this time. LINK might consolidate a little more before an adequate number of investors enter the market to trigger a breakout above the barrier. It is better to have patience before purchasing LINK until it finds directional movement.

chainlink 3

This price forecast indicates the approximate price of Chainlink (LINK) coins for the next three years, from 2023 to 2025.

Year Potential Low Potential High
2023 $13.71 $16.38
2024 $18.79 $22.81
2025 $24.49 $29.20

Meanwhile, considering the new projects that are performing exceptionally in their presale phases might be a smart move to make. Let’s have a look at some we are predicting will have a strong 2023.

Meta Masters Guild 

Blockchain gamers will be familiar with some of the issues that currently plague P2E gaming. The main one being that gamers are too easily rewarded for completing tasks with native currency. From here players tend to win and then dump the currency cause the coin to fail. Meta Masters Guild aims to solve this issue.

They will do so by pumping their native currency back into the guild. This means the games and the overall experience will continue to improve. Instead players will be able to win GEMs, these can be used to purchase in-game assets and trade and stake with other players. Meta Masters also wants to create a community gaming environment that will rival some of ones that have made traditional gaming franchises so popular.



Fight Out 

The M2E sector of crypto is one that is certainly gaining a lot of traction lately. However, the coins on the market tend to be a little limited when it comes to their overall fitness benefits. Enter Fight Out, the M2E coin that will revoloutinse the M2E game with personalised workouts in a community environment.

Fight Out is building its own and partnering with existing gyms worldwide so its users will have a place to come and workout with world class trainers and like minded individuals. The app even promises tailored workouts that will suit its users strengths and the equipment they have available if they prefer to workout remotely. REPs can be earned the more goals they complete and these can be used in Fight Outs awesome online store.

fight out (Fght)

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Dash 2 Trade

Unlike other trading platforms, Dash 2 Trade focuses on social metrics in addition to technical indicators. Trading signals, on-chain analytics, market listing alerts, individual trading competitions, and other services will be available to those who sign up for the platform. Its dashboard can help users in a wide range of ways, and its application is not restricted to professionals. This platform would be beneficial to crypto users of all skill levels.

Traders who understand how to leverage the potential of social signals will find it easier to maximize earnings and minimize losses. This is only one of the features available on the main dashboard; there are additional trading indicators, social groups, API trading, presale insights, and more. Moreover, LBank, a well-known cryptocurrency trading exchange, and many others have started listing Dash 2 Trade on their exchanges. 

dash2trade (1)

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The carbon credit industry is one that any smart business will be trying to get involved in as we head deeper into 2023. The crypto world has reaslised that to last they will need to practice greener initiatives. C+Charge is the latest environmentally conscious crypto to hit presale and it has experts and investors alike very excited.

Not only will they offer their customers carbon credits as a reward for driving and charging their electric vehicles (EVs), but they will also fix the issues currently presented by the charging stations. As they tend to be owned by individual municipalities, issues arise. C+Charge’s peer to peer payment system and their app with live charging station information unites the stations under one umbrella and stream lines the process for EV drivers.


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RobotEra is another potential crypto that has gradually become a favorite of UK whales and other individual investors. Just like any other metaverse platform, RobotEra offers a multidimensional opportunity to participate in a robot-themed planet-rebuilding scenario.

This project combines various elements that are not usually offered together, such as entertainment and passive income opportunities. though you would think that RobotEra is just another colorful game from the outside. But what this project holds inside is actually contributing to its growth and success.

RobotEra includes a unique gameplay experience that allows players to create, rebuild, enhance their land, form a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), and earn through the P2E option. Investors can take part in RobotEra’s economy through TARO, its native ERC-20 token, which is currently in the presale phase.

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Due to the platform’s cutting-edge technique for trading carbon credits, IMPT has emerged as one of the most popular projects in this particular industry. IMPT generates these carbon credits as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) using blockchain technology, allowing anybody to trade them.

IMPT has cooperated with several major global retailers eager to dedicate a percentage of their sales margins to green initiatives. It is crucial to emphasize that IMPT seeks to enhance the ecosystem in a way that rewards you financially as well as liberates nature from emissions. You can burn your carbon credits to mint a unique and valuable NFT as soon as you register on the IMPT platform. 

The uniqueness of this NFT is an advantage for every application on the platform. Because of rising presale prices, the project is expected to have considerable potential growth before 2023. 

IMPT token lbank

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Even though last year was fairly difficult for crypto traders due to the prolonged bearish trend that started a few months ago, 2023 has seen a very nice uptake for the market. The tokensmentioned in this piece are showing tremendous potential in the long run. 

UK whales are shifting to buy these coins for better ROI in the long run. You too can unlock massive profits if you invest in any of the above right now. Plan your investment and buy now.