Top Crypto News Today-Traders Invest in Small Cap Altcoins, Is Bitcoin’s Party Over?

As the crypto markets gained some momentum, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other Altcoins also surged, recovering from the losses incurred after the FTX collapse. BTC’s price surged above $23,000, while Ethereum headed towards $1700. Woefully, both failed to hold a tight grip over the rally that plunge below their respective levels.

In the meantime, traders after gaining significant profit appear to diversify their portfolio and hence gain interest in the small-cap altcoins. As per the data from Santiment, the investors are now moving out of the large-cap tokens like Cardano, Solana, etc, and investing in the other tokens within the top 200. 

The platform lists a steep raise in the daily active addresses of the altcoins with a market cap below $300M like Chianbing (CBG), Morpheus Labs (MITX), Monetha (MTH), Polytrade (TRADE), PlusPad(PLSPAD), Ribbon Finance (RBN), etc and many more. The money has flown from the large caps like Cardano (ADA), Solana (SOL), Polkadot (DOT), etc which had made huge headlines in the first 3 weeks of January. 

These altcoins are pretty small and hence the money flown from larger alts may draw a huge impact. Therefore, if the rotation on money continues, then these small-cap altcoins may witness a positive upswing in the coming days. On the contrary, these altcoins may also plunge hard if the traders wish to extract their profits. 

However, new token exploration is always risky but is also equally important to distribute the dominance within the markets.