UFC Partner Vechain Aims To Change The World

What plans does VeChain have in terms of organizational growth?

VeChain is opening a new HQ in San Marino, a new tech centre in Ireland, and a new business centre in Milan. Europe is a huge growth area for us, and we’re well positioned to take advantage of the incredible opportunities it presents. 

VeChain is also focused on building new tools, hiring developers, acquiring businesses, and looking to serve the hungry European region with blockchain technology.

What makes VeChain unique?

VeChain is highly unique in that its technologies are being used for tangible applications in the real economy. It has landed commercial contracts with major clientele, such as Walmart, and operates at a commercial scale. This is almost unheard of in the space, which is predominantly filled with hype and hot air.

VeChain is also unique in that it has close working relationships with major consulting firms like DNV and PwC, who have been crucial in helping land contracts with Fortune 500 companies and governments across the globe.

The kind of cases being built on VeChain are also highly unique. The majority of people only know blockchain and crypto as financial tools, but VeChain is building solutions in the fields of sustainability, carbon management, medicine, automobile, energy, decentralized finance and more.