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Before getting into the specifics of why LumiShare might stand out from the pack as a crypto investment opportunity in 2023, it’s important to first rewind to the beginning of our project’s journey… and to answer the bigger-picture WHY?…

LumiShare derived its initial spark of inspiration from the historical Gold Standard. It was the Gold Standard (which was killed-off by the U.S. government under President Nixon in 1971) that kept our global monetary system grounded in some kind of reality. Since that fateful day, the fiat system has essentially been backed by nothing at all. And this abandoning of the Gold Standard – along with the excessive money printing that decoupling from physical gold enabled – has led to a profound loss in purchasing power for the average person over time. During the last few decades, with increased globalisation acting as a force-multiplier, the disparities of the fiat system have also led to an ever-widening gap between the super-rich and everyone else.

To place this into its current context: the global charity Oxfam recently reported that “billionaire fortunes are increasing by $2.7 billion a day even as at least 1.7 billion workers now live in countries where inflation is outpacing wages”. And the richest one percent have amassed almost two-thirds of all new wealth ($42 trillion) created since the money printers were turned up to 11 in 2020. Inflation therefore represents a form of taxation by stealth on the poorest in society — since the rich benefit from the asymmetric advantages of inflated asset prices, amongst so many other things.

Inflation, in other words, is a serious problem. The US dollar has had an average annual inflation rate of 3.92% between 1972 and today — producing a cumulative price increase of over 610%. This means that today’s prices are roughly 7 times higher than back in 1972. A dollar today only buys about 14% of what it would have bought you back in 1971, when the dollar was still anchored to the value of gold — representing a paper loss in purchasing power of over 85% in 50 years. With the dollar as the global reserve currency, this inflationary dynamic is pretty much
universal. And this is the fundamental crisis that we set out to tackle at LumiShare: to find a way of going back to first principles, and of bringing honesty back to the concept of money; to harness the power of crypto and move away from the debasement of fiat currencies in order to mitigate the negative impact that inflation caused by infinite money printing is having on the average person’s financial health.

Indeed, countries that have recently experienced hyperinflation – such as Turkey and Argentina -have seen people flocking to crypto in an effort to protect their purchasing power, as the value of their national currencies evaporates before their very eyes. Many cryptocurrencies, however, are
highly volatile and have questionable fundamentals; so it’s a very risky strategy for avoiding further economic pain — especially if you’re already somewhere close to the bottom of the food chain and can’t afford to sustain any further losses.


Our solution was to come up with a new tokenized Gold Standard 2.0 — which is based on the
same core economic fundamentals as the original Gold Standard (i.e. creating an economy
backed by a physical gold reserve to provide a dependable, real-world value anchor); only at
LumiShare we are bringing the entire economic methodology into the 21st Century — by
harnessing the transformative power of crypto and blockchain technologies.
With full transparency built into our new model from the outset (including strict auditing,
certification and live-streaming of the project’s gold reserves), we believe we have created a solid
foundation from which to construct a new economic paradigm — one based upon taking the best
aspects of traditional, ‘common sense’ economic methods and blending them with the
revolutionary, white-hot potential of crypto and blockchain technologies to disrupt the financial
status quo.
LumiShare, however, is not just about establishing a Gold Standard 2.0. That’s just the
foundational ‘first principle’ — creating a solid foundation from which to construct a new
economic environment, which provides not only greater stability and transparency but also greater
opportunities for all. In other words, there’s a lot of other important stuff that comes into play after


As always, we would strongly encourage you to do your own research (DYOR) before investing in
any cryptocurrency. But that being said, here’s why we believe we stand out from the crowd —
and why we think you should consider investing in (and holding) the LumiShare ‘Trust Token’ as a
central part of your crypto investment strategy in 2023.


Gold is an apex store of value. An ounce of gold would have bought you a fine toga in Roman
times — and it can still buy you a high-quality suit in 2023. Highly valued and used as a medium
of exchange throughout the ages, gold has always been and remains to this day the most credible
asset of last resort.
In modern times, it has proven to be an excellent hedge against inflation and has been regarded
as the cornerstone of a well-balanced investment portfolio for centuries. Even today, most
financial advisors will recommend that you should allocate around 5% of your investment portfolio
to gold — both as a hedge against inflation and as a safe haven asset to protect yourself against
severe economic downturns, when there’s a flight to safety.
Our token and ecosystem is backed-up by a physical gold reserve (which is correlated to the
project’s all-time-high market cap so it grows as the ecosystem grows). The gold provides a solid
foundation or ‘floor price’ for a growing ecosystem, whilst being grounded in the world of real (as
opposed to virtual) value judgements.
Physical gold itself, however, has some notable drawbacks. It is not a yield-generating asset, nor
is it as liquid, portable or fungible as cash. We have overcome these limitations by combining the
value and economic properties of gold with the benefits of crypto and blockchain technology.


LumiShare has a fully-doxxed, top-tier management team and board of advisors, including former
and current seniors from BlackRock, J.P. Morgan and Polygon. We represent both old and new
worlds — i.e. the world of traditional commerce and finance (TradFi) and the new world of crypto,
blockchain and web3. Very few crypto startups have this level of depth and breadth to their
senior management teams in terms of having so many bases covered — and we believe that
gives us a serious competitive advantage as crypto moves into new domains and territories,
including the tokenisation of real-world asset classes such as Real Estate.


Ultimately, it’s utility that drives demand. So, perhaps most importantly, we’re creating a broad
ecosystem of applications and incentives that we believe will grow the LumiShare ecosystem in to
a thriving digital economy. Applications include a seamless Payment Gateway for making crypto
payments for goods and services; and a no-code, anti-fraud NFT marketplace that will provide the
foundation for a first-of-its-kind, Asset-Backed NFT Marketplace. Here, individuals will be able to
invest in pre-vetted, professionally structured, tokenised green energy (renewables) projects;
tokenized real estate deals; tokenized agriculture projects; as well as in other highly-investible
real-world projects, including early-stage gold and diamond mining operations.
This means that, for the first time, via the power of tokenization, retail investors (with as little as a
few thousand dollars to invest) can get involved in fractionalized bluechip projects (for example in
major real estate deals) on a level-footing with larger investors.


LumiShare’s Trust Token holders will be able to stake their tokens to earn interest (of up to 18%
APY). Locking-up tokens to earn yield is nothing new in the world of crypto. But it comes with
considerably less risk on our asset-backed platform and it is definitely a significant benefit if
you’re planning on HODLing our tokens for the longer term.


Complete transparency is one of LumiShare’s core operating principles. We have incorporated
strict auditing, certification and live-streaming of the project’s gold reserves, alongside militarygrade cybersecurity and software auditing for all of our ecosystem components; as well as
completely transparent and up-front tokenomics and vesting schedules.
2022 was a shocking year for crypto in terms of security exploits, malfeasance, scams,
liquidations and general market contagion. Much of the bad news stemmed from poor risk
management, a lack of attention to detail, a lack of any real backing to token economies like FTT
— and a staggering lack of transparency.
That’s why we have factored complete transparency and checks and balances in to our project
from the outset.
Crypto projects that do this as part of their operational blueprint are thin on the ground —
LumiShare has got it covered from the word “go”.


2022 was a big year for partnerships as we gear up for launch. We have initiated multiple
strategic partnerships across various sectors, including gold, real estate, payments, retail, web3,
education and artificial intelligence. But by far the most important partnership we sealed last year
was with the Royal Family of Abu Dhabi (via the Private Office of His Highness Sheikh Mohamed
Bin Ahmed Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan); who became official company and project partners. We
moved our corporate HQ to Abu Dhabi and they are now working closely with us in our quest to
bring blockchain innovation and new economic opportunities to the masses.


In addition to the watertight vesting schedule and a capped maximum token supply, we have
deployed cutting-edge tokenomics, including a token auto-burn mechanism — which will be
called into play based on our algorithms in order to protect the value of the token and ecosystem
during times of crisis. In this way, and by deploying other asset-backed mechanisms, we have
endeavoured to create a self-healing or self-regulating system — which has many of the benefits
of a stable coin whilst having no upper limits on potential growth.


Finally, if you’re prepared to act fast, you can still participate in our token Pre-Sale, which closes
out on January 20th. The Pre-Sale window enables you to purchase our token at $0.12 — prior to
our imminent listings on top exchanges (CEXs and DEXs) for $0.18. This represents a 33%
discount on the initial exchange offering — which puts you at an immediate advantage before the
rest of the world learns about us!

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