Bots Are Driving Safemoon & BNB Up: Here’s What The Latest Twitter Statistics Show

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Analysis of Twitter data obtained through the Utradea financial information API indicates that interactions regarding BNB and Safemoon are primarily created by bots. An analysis of the ten most tweeted stock tickers over the past 24 hours has revealed two unusual cases with abnormal tweet engagement metrics, indicating something unusual.

Even though BNB and Safemoon have fewer Twitter posts in comparison to Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH), their social engagement – measured by the number of likes and tweets – drastically outweighs that of the cryptocurrency giants.

When it comes to social media activity, Ethereum has the most tweets, Bitcoin has the highest impressions, and BNB wins in terms of likes and retweets with Ethereum following in second. Many people who have knowledge of impressions and are familiar with social media analytics can find the statistics related to Binance and Safemoon quite peculiar. Impressions measure how frequently a person views content on an online platform or website.

Twitter specifically allows a single user to count multiple impressions when viewing a tweet more than once. Therefore, the impression data reported since late 2022 is even more complicated to interpret. The data about tweet impressions has been available for public access since the end of 2022.

Analysis of engagement numbers suggests that a large number of bots are present in BNB and Safemoon groups. These bots are actively interacting with and spreading content, yet this activity doesn’t seem to be factored into the impression count. Last year, YouTube investigator and crypto celebrity Coffezilla labeled Safemoon as a “billion-dollar hoax” in a video that gained over 3.5 million views.

Twitter has ended its tool for group publishing, CoTweets.

Twitter has announced the termination of its CoTweets collaborative publishing feature. This was one of the final product releases before Elon Musk gained control, and a message on Twitter’s help page explains why it is being removed.

CoTweets is a platform that enables multiple accounts to collaborate on tweets that will be posted on their respective profiles at the same time. CoTweets, a Twitter-powered tool, was made available to a limited number of users in the US, Korea, and Canada this July after undergoing tests since Spring. Many professionals believed that firms leveraging or collaboratively working with brands should find it valuable despite its restricted accessibility.

All new CoTweets have been temporarily suspended, and existing posts will remain visible for one more month. After that, they can no longer be posted or retweeted by users with the necessary permissions. In a statement, Twitter indicated they were searching for ways to incorporate this feature in the future; however, they did not provide any additional details.


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